Join us for our Annual 8 Weeks of Wellness program that begins January 1st 2021!

You will receive a digital binder that contains health and wellness information that you will need in order to be successful throughout this 8 week program, as well as a means for documenting your progress.  In addition to the content of the binder, you will receive support from all Yoga Essence instructors, a Facebook group,

and Zoom meetings!

Every Sunday evening, a different professional from the Wellness Industry will host a Zoom call sharing their favorite tips for a health, happy life.

That's 8 experts here for YOU throughout this journey!

Please consider your Yoga Essence instructors and your fellow students to be your teammates and your support system.

There are weekly physical, health and spiritual goals that you will set out to accomplish. Whether you want to continue the goals so they stack from week to week or treat each week as its own adventure, that is up to you!  You don’t have to carry the health goals from week to week to earn your health goal sticker for the week!  Each week can be treated as its own goal and at the end of the program, you can choose as many or as few goals from the whole 8 weeks to carry into your daily life.  The ability to make this program fit your needs means a higher chance of successfully achieving YOUR goals!

Current Yoga Essence Members enroll for $20

Non Yoga Essence Members, join us! Enroll for $250 (includes program + 8 weeks of Unlimited In-Person/Virtual/On-Demand Yoga)